Main Features

Enjoy built in Arabic for both front-end and backend.
Payment & Shipping
Use integrated global and MENA shipping and payment solutions.
Unlimited Bandwidth
Thousands of visitors can browse your store at the same time.
Unlimited Storage
Store an unlimited number of products and never worry about space.
Professional Reports
View professional e-commerce reports covering sales, promotions, customer profiles and products.
Coming Soon
VAT/ TAX Management
Configure custom tax rules for different countries.
Coming Soon
Live Chat Widget
Chat directly with your Store Visitors through a number of supported live chat widgets.
Coming Soon
Multi Currencies
Your online Store Visitors will be able to choose a currency from a list of multiple currencies.
Coming Soon
Return Management
Manage return services on items purchased through the dashboard.
Coming Soon
Multi-Country Stores
Create multiple online stores for different countries and manage them through your dashboard.
Coming Soon
Custom Domain Name
Host your store under your own domain name.

Store Customization

Change the name of your store, logo, and favicon.
Theme Builder
Use a powerful drag and drop editor to customize the look and feel of your store to match the visual identity of your brand.
Static Pages
Create an unlimited number of static pages with your company information then add those pages to your footer or navigation menu.
Social Media Login
Store visitors will be able to signin using their social media accounts (such as Facebook, Google, etc.)
Regional Settings
Select the base currency of your store, your tax rate, and the countries you support shipping to through your dashboard.


Manage Products
Create, edit and manage the name, description and other fields of your products.
Product Attributes
Define your product's attributes (size, color, etc.) and quickly generate variants for multiple product attributes.
Product Tags
Use custom tags to group and manage related products.
Bulk Import
Import a large number of products into your store in one go by uploading a CSV file and an image directory.
Stock Management
Add quantity to each of your products and product's variants and keep track of your inventory.

Catalog Browsing

Customize your store's menu, making it easier for visitors to navigate your store.
Collection Pages
Create dedicated store pages for related products such as discounted or seasonal items.
Product search
Your Store Visitors will enjoy instant search results with browser-side product search.
Fast Shopping Cart
Store shopping carts are stored in browsers, making adding and deleting products very fast and responsive.
Coming Soon
Directory listing
List your store in ShopGo's directory to market your products to wider audience and make more sales.
Customer Accounts
Store visitors can create accounts, view order lists, manage wishlists, share products and more.
Recommended Products
Show product recommendations to visitors based on their cart content and purchase history.
Custom options
Show custom fields on product pages to allow shoppers to enter additional details when buying a product.

Shipping Solutions

Flat Rates
Define fixed shipping rates for shoppers in different geographical regions.
Automate shipment creation and tracking with more than 100 supported carriers through our EasyPost integration.
Shipping Rate Quote
Obtain and show live shipping rate quotes to store visitors at checkout.
Coming Soon
Matrix rates
Load shipping rate tables (matrix rates) to define shipping charges based on shopper addresses and product attributes.

Payment Solutions

Cash on Delivery
Allow shoppers to pay for goods on delivery.
Credit Card Payments
Collect credit and debit card payments automatically during checkout through a number of supported local gateways.


One Page checkout
Offer a fast, seamless and load-free checkout experience to shoppers.
Auto-detect City and Country
Auto-detect and prefill the city and country of store visitors at checkout.
Optimized Layout
Increase the conversion rate of your sales with our optimized checkout page layout.


Offer and manage discounts on selected groups of products.
Coming Soon
Generate and share discount coupons and gift vouchers.
Coming Soon
Customer Groups
Group customers and target them with special promotions and discounts
Coming Soon
Customizable Emails
Customize the content and design of order confirmations and other emails sent by your store.
Coming Soon
Featured Products
Select a subset of products to feature in your store.


Responsive Design
All pages are fully responsive, giving you and store visitors the ultimate user experience across all mobile and desktop displays.


Page load
All store pages have been optimized for speed and load in less than 500ms, giving shoppers a fast and snapping shopping experience.
Top Benchmark Scores
All our platform pages and stores get top scores in performance benchmarks (e.g. 100% performance score in Google Lighthours
Image Compression
We compress product images on the fly to make sure they load very fast on visitor computers and mobile phones.
99.99% Uptime
We guarantee 99.99% availability so that your business is almost never interrupted by technical issues or maintenance work.


In-house Software
Our software is designed in-house specifically to cater for the needs of MENA merchants.
New Features
We'll be rolling out powerful features, capabilities and improvements every month to all our clients to continue to support your e-businesses journey.
Our software automatically captures and reports issues to our development team.
Life-long Software Upgrades
Your store will continue to receive automatic upgrades including bug fixes, improvements and optimizations.

Design And Ux

Custom Store Design
We've designed store front-ends in house, up to very high user experience standards, giving visitors a delightful and snappy shopping experience.
Custom Dashboard Design
Our merchant dashboard has a matching UX standard, meaning your day to day management is also guaranteed to be smooth and joyful.
Single Page Application (SPA)
Your store does not only look stunning, but is fast too. Many sections are single-page applications and react instantly to user input.
Mobile-first Layout
We've made sure our store front ends are designed with mobile displays as a primary view medium.

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